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Financial Tax Planning in Bhopal

Financial Tax Planning services in Bhopal

Finding proper advisors to assist in you Financial Tax Planning in Bhopal is a humongous task as there are very few advisors with proper expertise and know-how of the matter. Financial Tax Planning in Bhopal is a method to reduce tax liability by intelligently using accessible allowances, exclusions, deductions, exemptions, etc- all in all, to trim down income and/or capital profits.

What is Finacial Tax Planning?
Financial Tax planning is the analysis of an individual’s financial situation from a tax deduction point of view to plan one’s finances in the most optimized and tax-free manner. It allows a taxpayer to make the optimum use of the numerous deductions, tax exemptions and benefits to minimize their tax liability in the financial year. Financial Tax planning is completely legal, however, it should be ensured that the taxpayer isn’t knowingly indulging in tax evasion.
Financial Tax Planning services in Bhopal | Financial Tax Help

Financial Tax Planning in Bhopal

In India, a person can use a number of tax deduction alternatives. They allow for a huge variety of exemptions and deductions that can help in limiting the annual tax liability. The deductions are available from Sections 80C through to 80U of the Income Tax Act, 1961, all these can be and can be claimed by eligible taxpayers. There are various other sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961 which you can use to reduce your tax liabilities.
Corporate Financial Tax Planning:

Corporate financial tax planning is a way to reduce tax liabilities on a registered company under company act 1956. The most common methods to carry out such tax planning includes taking the alternatives such as deductions on business transport, health insurance of employees, office expenses, child care, retirement planning, philanthropical activities done by the company etc.

Through the various tax deductions and exemptions provided under the Income Tax Act 1956, a company can considerably decrease its tax burden in a while remaining under the legal spectrum. It is to be noted that tax planning should not be confused with tax avoidance or evasion and all the outlining should be done within the framework of the law.

Increasing earnings for business results in greater tax liabilities. As such, it becomes imperative for them to consecrate a considerable amount of brain activity to tax planning to reduce the liabilities. With proper tax planning, the direct tax and indirect tax burden is reduced during the period of inflation. It also aids in the appropriate planning of expenditures, capital budget and sales and marketing costs, among others.
A good tax planning results out of:
Disclosing the correct information to relevant Income Tax departments.
Not being oblivious to the applicable tax laws as well as court rulings regarding the topic of financial tax planning.
Legal tax planning should be done which is under the purview of law.
Planning must be done while keeping the business purposes in mind and should be adaptable enough to incorporate possible changes in the future.
Types of Financial Tax Planning:
  • Purposive tax planning: Goal-oriented tax planning
  • Permissive tax planning: Tax planning that is under the framework of law
  • Long term and Short term financial tax planning: Tax Planning is done at the beginning as well as the end of a particular fiscal year respectively.
Tax Saving Objectives:
The primary objectives of Financial tax planning are:
  • Reduction in overall tax liability
  • Economic stability
  • Growth of the economy
  • Litigation minimization
  • Productive investment
Financial Tax Planning in Bhopal for Businesses
The financial tax planning services are provided for companies and organizations as well as corporate professionals. Usually, as part of these services, the clients are authorized chartered accountants on an exclusive basis.
These CAs deal with the business houses via e-mail and telephonic conversation and help them with their all their tax planning and compliance related demands. They are also assisted concerning their tax compliance, planning, and accounting requirements.
The clients can reach the chartered accountants as per their convenience. These plans are often available for one year each. These packages grant the subsequent benefits:
  • Latest financial tax planning software.
  • Rectification filing of ITRs if there are mistakes in the initial entries done by the users.
  • Analysis of intimation notices.
  • Phone-based support for dealing with the queries of the clients.
  • Reminder notifications through SMS.
  • Questions regarding corporate tax planning are elucidated through e-mails.



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