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The Earlier You Start, The Lesser You Need To Invest

How we do it?

Retirement planning, in a financial context, refers to the allocation of savings or revenue for retirement. Our experts help you calculate how much you need to save now so you can continue celebrating life in your golden years.
Your post-retirement life should be the most relaxed and stress-free time of your life. It should be a time for loved ones and enjoying things you love to do. Financial worries should be the last thing on your mind.


Fortunately, this can be easily achieved if you start planning for it today.


Our Retirement Planner will help you to determine the total amount you will need for the post-retirement life you envision for yourself. It will also tell you how much you need to save regularly to achieve your retirement goal.

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Best Tips for Retirement Planning

The so called Young Generation never makes investments in the name of Retirement planning. As, for them, it is foolish to worry about retirement at the age of 25 or 30. But such thinking has to change. Investing early, say 30 years before retirement helps a lot as your corpus grows by great lengths. The time period of 35 to 40 years is good enough to allow your money to grow by at least 4 or 5 times.

Life Insurance is vital for an individual and their family’s future, for Death is an uncertain event and one would never want his/her family to be caught in an unwanted money crunch post his/her untimely death. That is why it is necessary to buy a term insurance plan and at an early age like 25 or 30. Before buying life insurance ensure that you compare the products of all leading insurers and opt for the one that best suits your needs.

The sum assured chosen should be at least 10 times the annual income of the proposer, so that his family is able to deal with rents, loans, and child expenses etc comfortably. 

The age bracket 25-30 should put most of their investments in Equity and rest in Debt. 60% Equity and 40% Debt rule works well for this age group. Starting young is really advantageous, especially when you are investing in Equity.

Long term investment of 20-25 years in Equity gives good returns (at least 15%) But with increasing age, your share in equity has to decrease.

When you reach 40, your investment portfolio should have 70% of Debt and 30% of Equity. 

Health plans form a very significant part of Retirement planning. Like life term plans and investment plans, it is wise to buy health plan when young. Why? Well, it is economical.

Premiums are low, pre-existing illness waiting period gets taken care of while you are young and doesn’t become a cause of bother in your old age. Lifestyle diseases, the part and parcel of old age, do not burn a hole in your pocket, co-payments and deductibles are less too, all thanks to early enrollment into a health plan.
Piece of advice- don’t ignore health plans; buy them because you might need them. Be safe, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Retirement is a phase of life that is meant to be loved and enjoyed. It is actually self devotion; you are freely allowed to unleash the writer, painter, philosopher or musician in you.

Imagine you are retired and caught in the cycle of loans and rents payment. Do you think you would be able to follow your passion under such stressful financial burden? Of course not, it is highly unlikely. Plan your EMIs, loans and all other liabilities in such a way that your retirement is oblivious of all Debts. Live life debt-free should be your motto post retirement.